Did you know you can host cheerful and eventful birthdays for kids at Surf House Helsinki?

Even larger crowds can attend and these parties are far from boring: the tropical heat, beach area, large dance floor and meals tailored to the taste of children by our top chefs keep little birthday guests entertained for hours.

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ACTIoN party NEEDS proper CATERing!

You are allowed to have a feast at a child’s birthday party – that’s why the Surf House chefs have designed a tasty kids Taco Buffet with chicken and veggie fillings for children's’ birthday parties. Catering is always ordered in advance so possible allergies, requests about the food and special diets can be taken into account as early as possible. Drinking water is served free of charge and juice or soft drinks can be ordered from the beach bar.

You can bring your own cake, chips, candies, popcorn and possible decorations to the birthday room. You can choose to have a private room or sit on the common dining area.

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At Surf House we have plenty of space – if you are still too small to surf (107 cm tall) our white-sanded beach areas offer an interesting playground for the smallest ones. Sandy areas offer exciting beach games even for bigger kids.

During the surfing activity the smaller kids are using boogie boards under the guidance of our instructors and bigger kids can try stand-up boards. Depending on your group size you can book a private lane (max 10 surfers) or private session (max 20 surfers). On larger groups please contact our production team in advance.

Exploring our venue is allowed freely but its good to remember that outside the surf activity all children are under the responsibility of their parents. Closed, children-frienly environment guarantees a safe play area even for larger groups.

Parents enjoyment is also an important part of the birthday. A separate adults table can be set in a way that supervising the smallest ones on the sandy areas, and watching the surf activity at the same time is easy.

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17:00 Party starts
Receiption at the entrance and giving locker keys
Changing to summer clothes at changing rooms
Welcome speech and snacks at birthday room

17:30 Surfers getting ready
Safety video and instructions
Beach games and toys for small kids

18:00 Surfing
Surfing with two instructors
Adults watching the surf neaby the sandy areas
Adults can order beverages or food from the bar

19:00 Meal and/or sauna
Adults and kids can go to sauna
Kids will be served taco-buffet, cake, candies and drinks

20:00 Party ends


Surfing: (21€/person) = 420€
Private sauna = 90€
Private birthday room = 180€
Taco buffet (8,9 €/person) = 178€
Total everything = 868€

Soft drinks and adult beverages can be purchased at the bar during the party. Birthday room can be decorated and own cakes and candies can be bought from outside. There is no attendance limit but birthday room fits 30 persons and 20 surfers per hour is maximum.

All guests don't need to have a parent staying over the whole party but we recommend minimum 1 adult per 10 guests. Our team will always help and assist you in any situation.

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There's plenty of space in two floors so keeping safe distance is easy. Surf area and the whole venue has extremely powerful ventilation system so the air keeps fresh at all times. The water at surf area is always clean due to the automatic filtration system.

Some good tips for the birthday party organizer during "Covid times":

  • Parents must ensure all guest wash their hands properly when arriving to the party.
  • Hand disinfects are available all around the venue, please remind guests to use them often.
  • Adults don't need to enter the birthday room, they can hang around on nearby tables.
  • Safety distance is arranged in adult tables can time can be spent anywhere at Surf House both floors.
  • All food and beverages for kids and adults can be ordered in portions instead of buffet.
  • Good alternative for cake is a muffin & candies for each guest.
  • Adults can wear a face mask if they wish.

Dress lightly and leave your extra belongings at the cloakroom

Surf House Helsinki is home to an eternal tropical summer! Leave your kids' as well as your own outerwear in our lockers, because when the party gets up to speed, even the youngest attendants will break a sweat. Valuables, jewelry and other articles disturbing the sports and games should be left stored during the party.

The most important items to bring to our birthday parties are light summer clothing, a swimming suit, a towel, and of course, a happy mind! Surf House Helsinki is the perfect place for celebration during any season because even if it’s raining cats and dogs, you always get to surf and lie under the palm trees here.

Exercise and games are crucial for a child’s development

When you have your child’s birthday party at the Surf House, we promise they won’t miss their phones or other devices during the party! Exercise and active playing are vital for a child’s physical, mental and social development. That’s why we want to encourage even the smallest ones in the family to break a sweat.

Even though we don't encourage running competitions at the Surf House due to tripping and impact hazards, our 330 square meter restaurant area on the first floor can fit many sporty activities. You can bring your own toys, but if you need help with planning the event, we’ll be happy to help.

A birthday party to remember!

The Surf House is a unique party location for children in Helsinki – where else do you get to experience surfing indoors safely and under supervision? The trained instructors of our FlowRider wave machine guide in using the flowboards and ensure common rules are obeyed in the water.

The FlowRider is a perfectly safe – and an extremely fun – way to familiarize yourself with the intriguing and eventful world of indoor surfing. The wave machine is suitable for all ages and up to 20 birthday guests can try their hand at surfing in an hour!

In addition to surfing, there is plenty of space for many activities favored by children, such as games and dancing.

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Fast forward to summer easily by public transportation or car.

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