The waves are always guaranteed!

Surfing is a fun and safe family hobby. The cold and relatively still waters of Finland do not offer the ideal place for the sport, however. That’s why many European surfers spend their entire free time and holiday budget to travel abroad in search of waves.

You’ll no longer have to travel far for the waves: in Surf House Helsinki you’ll get to test your surfing skills with the FlowRider Double wave machine! The FlowRider creates artificial waves in an area roughly 200 square meters, perfect for beginner surfers to learn under the supervision of skilled instructors. FlowRider is suitable for all ages; also skilled boardsport enthusiastics find similarities to other sports like snowboarding and skateboarding.

Children Helsinki Indoor surfing Helsinki

Eat, drink, play, go to the sauna – have a perfect day with us

After surfing and playing it is time to sit down for a delicious meal designed by the chefs at Surf House. Tortilla House offers delicious street-style Fresh Mex, which is always prepared from fresh ingredients. Soft tortillas, salsa and other dressings and sides are always made on the spot. Create the kind of burrito, taco or salad you desire by adding the fillings you'd like. Water, juice, or soft drinks will quench the thirst of children, while adults may want something stronger – Cocktails, jug of Sangria or maybe just an ice cold beer?

To top off the perfect vacation you can go to Helsinki’s finest sauna with the whole family. The Heat Wave sauna is located above the Surf House on the floor with a full view of the whole space. The sauna is unisex and enjoyed swimsuits and shorts on. Don't forget to bring your own towel!

Surf House Sauna

The body and soul get their rest on holiday! After hard work, it’s allowed and even recommended to forget your everyday routines and have a bit of time for yourself and your family. Surf House is the perfect place for a vacation for children and adults alike – and it’s perfect for those in need of a short vacation or a with a fear of flying!

Shared holiday experiences are important especially for the smallest in the family, which is why family destinations are often booked full well in advance. Going on a family vacation is not cheap in Finland, not even domestically: a weeks trip for a family of four can easily cost more than athousand euros, whether you’re traveling to Torino or Tornio.

On a longer trip, you can easily run out of activities, but you can come to Surf House for as long as you like! And the best part is, you get to sleep in your own bed and continue the fun and activity-filled beach vacation right in the morning at the heart of Helsinki – even in the middle of winter!

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A fun recreation day equals a week at the beach

A week at the beach in a sunny destination can sound perfect for the mom and dad, but children rarely have the patience for lying at the beach for more than a few hours at a time. And parents never get to fully relax having to look after their children the whole time. So why not do your family – and yourself – a large favor and head towards the Surf House?

Surf House has the best parts of holidays for kids and grown-ups alike: the tropical heat ensures you won’t need more than short shorts at this “resort”, tasty and versatile food and drink is always available, there are plenty of activities and the children have a safe, closed play environment, so the adults can relax at the Surf Lounge.

Sleep at home and return tomorrow!

After a sweaty and sporty day at the Surf House, you’ll undoubtedly sleep well in your own bed. If you spend your holiday here, you won’t have to worry about the laundry piling up in the corner of the hotel room and the washing operation ahead. And if you come to Surf House from a longer distance, you can travel lightly – our dress code is always “summer”!

Surf House is open daily, even during the autumn and winter holiday seasons, so you can spend even every day of your vacation in the in eternal tropic located in Pasila. You won’t have to rent an RV for this trip – we are within quick and easy reach by public transportation.

Flowrider Helsinki

A tropical getaway for two

Everyone is always welcome to Surf House regardless of age or family situation. Our eternal tropics is designed to also please grown-ups, so you can spend your holiday with your loved one in 27-degree heat at the Surf House. Next time you want a quick getaway someplace warm, head for Surf House Helsinki in shopping center Tripla in Pasila!

Have a romantic afternoon at the bar sipping cocktails, dancing on the dance floor and surfing the FlowRider. We close only at eleven o’clock, so you can enjoy the tropical heat for the whole evening! After your day at the Surf House, you can head to the nightlife of Helsinki – our public transport connection allows traveling to the city center in mere minutes.

Come to our single parties!

Sometimes you enjoy your own company the most. That’s why we welcome singles and those traveling alone to have a great time with us. The Surf House parties always make you feel like you were in Ibiza: a world-class sound system, an awe-inspiring light show, tropical heat, and exotic drinks will make anyone forget their worries!

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Fast forward to summer easily by public transportation or car.

Visiting address:
Mall of Tripla, floor P4 (Down Under)
Firdonkatu 2B, 00520 Helsinki, Finland

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Mall of Tripla, M-P6-12
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