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The most memorable parties in Helsinki are held at Surf House! There's no need to bring a hoodie to these parties since the gentle heat of 27 °C ensures no party-goer is left cold. A comprehensive selection of drinks, skilled bartenders, a world-class sound system and breath-taking lighting – you can find all this and even more at Surf House Helsinki!

So gather your friends and head to Tripla shopping center in Pasila, come to the floor P4, leave your unnecessary clothes and worries behind and get ready to party at Surf House!

Eat and drink well

Intense partying requires proper provisions. Your hydration and nutrition are guaranteed by the Surf House’s high-class restaurant Bar & Kitchen with sweet and savory delicacies for every appetite – in addition to traditional grilled foods, you can find fresh salads and lots of options for vegans. We have rights to serve alcohol, so you can enjoy a strong drink with your food!

To quench your thirst we have a wide selection of beers, drinks, soda and healthy smoothies that our talented bartenders are more than happy to serve the party folk. You can also plan your own menu for your private party with our staff to guarantee the food is to the guests' liking.

Surf Party Helsinki

Party every day

Surf House Helsinki is a place where the party is on every day of the week. Every night the feast continues till eleven o’clock. However, if you wish to rent the Surf House for private use, you can keep the party going until the late hours of the night! Our party nights are forbidden from children under 18.

The atmosphere in the most exotic party house in Finland is so special, you wouldn’t want to leave, but, thanks to a good public transport connection, you can continue the evening in the nightlife of Helsinki when the party at the Surf House is over.

So why pay for an overpriced flight ticket to Ibiza when you can head to Surf House Helsinki in Pasila, where you can rave and relax under the palm trees! You don’t need to wear a formal jacket; the dress code is always ”summer” – if you wish, you can even leave your shoes in the cloakroom.

Feel the bass!

A Party wouldn’t be a Party with a capital P unless cutting-edge sound system keeps the ravers feet moving throughout the night. The sound system in the Surf House is second to none; dozens of active speakers produce a sound envied by professionals. You’ll feel the rhythmic thumping of the bass in your bones, but your hearing will be perfectly safe – our DJs are masters of mixing as well as measuring the decibels.

If you wish to catch your breath for a while at the Surf Lounge, you can chat with your friends without shouting: the audio map of the Surf House has been designed to allow socializing near the dance floor with the music in the background. And when you feel the need to move, the rhythms of the dance floor will suck you right in!

Nightlife Helsinki

Shine with the lights

The atmosphere in Surf House Helsinki is elevated by a state-of-the-art lighting system. As the strobe lights flash and moving LEDs illuminate the dance floor you’ll forget every last mundane concern.  One of the best things about our parties is that when you step inside the Surf House, you’ll forget you’re in cold and dark Finland!

Come and conquer Helsinki’s hottest dance floor under the spotlights. Some of our lights are fixed, but others can be modified to the customers’ needs for private events. Our light technicians will assist you in creating the perfect mood.

Throwing a party in Helsinki won’t get easier than this!

Everyone over 18 is welcome to our open party nights, but if you wish to throw the party of the century to your friends or employees, you can rent Surf House for private use. All our services are in use so all you have to do is to invite the party-goers here. And you don’t need a designated driver since you can get here easily with public transportation.

When you can find a dance floor with pro-level sound and lighting systems, a bar filled with all sorts of drinks, delicious food and a tropical climate under the same roof, what else could you need? Our premises and services can accommodate even a larger group of customers, so the Surf House is surely a fitting venue for your party!

You can give us a call and tell us which kind of party you have been thinking about. Our professional staff can help you with the preparations, whether you’re thinking of a small get-together with friends or a grand party for 100 people. Keep in mind that you can also rent our sauna for the evening – what could be nicer than to wash the sweat from the partying in the most magnificent sauna in Helsinki.

Wine Bar Helsinki

Endless Summer in Surf House

The autumn and early winter in Finland can be a depressing, dark and slushy time. Numerous studies about well-being at work have shown that during this time people have the lowest work motivation due to lack of light. Even a single unforgettable tropical night can have long-lasting positive consequences. And best of all, you don’t even have to leave Helsinki!

Here at Surf House, we can’t summon the sun during November night, but our bright lights and relaxing, nearly 30 °C heat bring summer to even the coldest time of the year. By having your work community’s recreational night here you can guarantee no one will leave without a smile on their face. And the party will surely be remembered fondly for months to come!

Contact us and let’s plan the recreational night of your dreams for your company together.


Fast forward to summer easily by public transportation or car.

Visiting address:
Mall of Tripla, floor P4 (Down Under)
Firdonkatu 2B, 00520 Helsinki, Finland

Postal address:
Mall of Tripla, M-P6-12
Firdonkatu 2B, 00520 Helsinki, Finland

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