What could be better than relaxing in the heat of a sauna after a hard day's work? We Finns are known to be the most enthusiastic sauna-goers in the world and sauna has been an integral part of the Finnish culture for centuries. For many, the saunas of old conjure images of walls colored dark gray by smoke and the grand stove of a smoke sauna. The principle remains the same in Surf House Helsinki's Heat Wave sauna. However, here you get to enjoy the most spectacular sauna experience in a state-of-the-art setting!

In the Heat Wave sauna, you won't miss a minute of Surf House's action! The glazed sauna can accommodate 12 people, so even a larger group can enjoy the humid heat. The unisex sauna is located on the top floor of the Surf House at an altitude of seven meters. Experiences are a popular gift to give nowadays, so why not bring your friends to experience the tropical heat and a great sauna?

A Sauna To Your Needs

Perhaps the greatest thing about the Heat Wave sauna is that it can be scaled to perfectly fit the needs of any event. Events can be hosted in Surf House Helsinki for up to 400 people and up to 1500 people in co-operation with Biitsi. The mellow heat of 27 °C ensures you won't need jeans or sweaters. Leave your outerwear on the coat rack, grab a towel and hit the beach! 

The whole Surf House can be transformed according to your needs to a full-service entertainment center with unlimited sauna access. For a smaller get-together with a few friends, renting only the sauna can be quite adequate. The evening can easily continue in the nightlife of Helsinki after the sauna thanks to the outstanding public transport connection.

Surf House Sauna

The Company Sauna Evening

The Surf House sauna is perfect for a company's recreational use. The location with good public transport connection ensures those with a longer journey can find here easily. Clothes, cellphones, watches and other valuables are kept safely in the dressing rooms while you enjoy the heat of the sauna – with refreshments, of course. Drinks can be ordered to the deck of the sauna straight from the bar, which makes the Heat Wave sauna a true full-service recreational place for the company or private party sauna evening. 

In addition to the sauna, you can find lots of things to do for those in need of action as well as for those who would rather sit down with a drink and relax. If you wish, you can rent the Surf Shed conference room in addition to the Heat Wave sauna for more or less official business to conduct before the fun.

Best Deals are made in a Sauna

Business sharks and politicians know that the best deals are always negotiated off the company premises. The best dealmakers always say that a laid-back situation works best. What could be better for relaxing and discussing freely about deals than a Finnish sauna? The activities visible through the windows of the sauna are not only a good source of conversation, but they might also inspire to continue the evening with having a couple of drinks at the tiki bar, or even surfing!

Going to sauna is a part of Finnish cultural heritage. The staff of Surf House, skilled in languages, are always ready to serve even your international corporate guests. The best sauna for your business can be found at Surf House in the Tripla shopping center!

Bachelor Party Helsinki

BACHElor parties

The Surf House sauna is made to be the center of the bachelor party of your dreams. In addition to the upcoming fiancé, the sauna can fit eleven partygoers. You don't even have to worry about refreshments – drinks can be ordered straight into the sauna and afterwards you can go downstairs for a good buffet dinner. Since the whole sauna has been covered with a one-way mirror, you don't have to worry if you've forgotten your swimsuit at home.

There is nothing better than hitting the sauna after breaking a sweat with playing games or conquering the dance floor. And it doesn't matter if your party has more than 12 participants – the rest can try surfing while others relax in the sauna!

No Sauna, No Bachelor Party

Sauna and bachelor party go together like bacon and eggs. Whether you are the fiancé or the best man planning your friend's bachelor party, you'll most likely find "going to sauna" on the to-do list for the night. Surf House Helsinki offers the best place in the capital for a bachelor party and you don't even need a designated driver – public transport will easily take you to central Pasila from dawn to dusk.

Pre-Christmas Parties and Get-Togethers

The Heat Wave sauna is a place for everyone regardless of age or gender. That's why you should head for Surf House if you wish to have a night to remember with those close to you in the center of Helsinki. A corporate sauna evening during the pre-Christmas party season can be hard to book due to high demand, so if you wish to rent the sauna late in the year, you should contact us as soon as possible! 

Surf House Helsinki is also open to those dressed as Santa Claus – however, you should be careful with how warm you dress since the indoor temperature is 27 °C. The Heat Wave sauna is even warmer, so no one will feel cold!


The Heat Wave sauna is open to all ages, so even children are welcome to spend a fun night with their parents. Some parts and services of the Surf House are only for over 18-year-olds due to alcohol serving, however, fun is allowed – and even encouraged – for all ages! 

If the adults of the family wish to stay in the sauna for a longer period than the children, the children can enjoy the play area on the lower level of Surf House Helsinki with activities for children of all ages. The unique view over the whole Surf House guarantees the children will want to try the sauna again. 

Private sauna

Finnish sauna meets the tropic

We guarantee you won't find a sauna as unique as the Heat Wave in all of Helsinki! The one-way mirror ensures full privacy while allowing you to observe the fun of Surf House Helsinki's customers from a height of seven meters on the third floor. The furnishings of the sauna are made from high-quality wood and you can order your favorite drinks to the deck of the sauna. Whether your reason to celebrate is a corporate meeting, a bachelor party, a birthday party or just a get-together with friends, Surf House is the right place for it!

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