A sauna, a cabin, and a lakeshore are a part of many Finn's summer traditions, but rarely do you get to surf in steady waves right out of the sauna – and to top it all of, in Surf House Helsinki you can enjoy refreshments in tropical heat after the sauna!

Our Heat Wave sauna serves sauna-goers from dusk till dawn, and you don’t have to worry about chopping firewood. The glazed sauna is located above the Surf House, a one-way mirror guaranteeing your full privacy. You won’t find a better view in any sauna in Helsinki!

Sauna Party Helsinki

What does the perfect sauna experience include?

A successful sauna night is a sum of many parts. The most important aspects are an adequately spacious sauna, good accessibility, and proper refreshments. The Heat Wave sauna can fit up to 12 people at a time. If your group is larger than a dozen, the rest can enjoy exotic drinks at our beach bar, for example.

Surf House Helsinki is located in Pasila, at the mall of Tripla. Your sauna guests can arrive easily by public transport, so no one has to worry about not being able to drive after a couple of drinks! In addition to a comprehensive beer and cocktail selection we have a long list of alcohol-free refreshments that can be ordered to the sauna deck along with other beverages.

With our wide selection of delicious drinks, remember to bring your ID card with you if you've recently turned 18 or look young for your age!

The sauna clears your body, mind, and mood

Going to sauna is a part of Finnish cultural heritage. For centuries we’ve sought refuge from the cold and relaxed after a hard day’s work in sauna. Sauna has also been used for curing meat, drying laundry and even for giving birth. Although the latter is nowadays mostly done in a hospital, the cultural value of saunas hasn’t diminished over the years.

People come to sauna not only to wash themselves, but also to cleanse spiritually. Should a Finnish man talk about his feelings, he’ll most likely do it in a sauna with a beer in hand. Even Finnish top-row politicians have noticed that negotiating deals and creating diplomatic relations are easily done in te sauna. A sauna is a place for spontaneous, confidential and open conversation.

This is why companies, sports teams and communities should have sauna events regularly. In the sauna, even the shyest person often dares to speak about things they wouldn’t normally. Formal as well as informal conversations can be had in the sauna – this is why sauna effectively clears the mood.

Private Sauna Helsinki

A Finn behaves himself in the sauna

Many Finnish companies prefer to take their employees to a sauna rather than to a cruise or a restaurant. It is easier for many to come to a sauna night than to commit themselves for a ”longer” night; those with families can go home to put their children to sleep in good conscience after a visit in the sauna, while more enthusiastic sauna-goers can stay for as long as they like.

Another important reason is that, due to respect for tradition, Finnish people generally behave themselves in the sauna. Refreshments are an integral part of the sauna experience, of course, but excessive drinking has traditionally not been a part of it – however, after the sauna many partiers get up to speed!

Surf House Sauna

Why should you throw a sauna event at Surf House Helsinki?

Surf House Helsinki is the perfect place to throw a sauna event since everything you need for a refreshing night can be found under a single roof – and a lot of extra, like a Flowrider wave machine, extensive food and drink service and a top-notch sound system. You can also book the conference room located on the first floor that is perfect for handling the official business of the night before enjoying the sauna.

The Heat Wave sauna is located at a height of seven meters on the third floor. In the sauna, you can enjoy the view of the Surf House below with its restaurant area and surfers as well as order refreshments to the sauna deck. You can, of course, go to the bar and familiarize yourself with our drink selection, as well. And you won’t feel cold – the indoor temperature is always 27 °C!

Don’t settle for just the sauna!

The Heat Wave sauna itself is worth seeing and experiencing, but why should you leave it at that? In Finland you rarely get to enjoy tropical weather with tasty and relaxing drinks, far away from trouble and worries, so you should definitely enjoy the full Surf House experience!

A perfect night of recreation culminating in the sauna experience can begin with a light toast in the Surf Lounge. After that, you can try your hand at surfing on our Flowrider wave machine and enjoy a delicious buffet dinner. With your stomach full you can go to the third floor and experience the most unique sauna in Helsinki.

Flowrider Helsinki

Our sauna is open for everyone!

Every sauna-goer is welcome to our sauna regardless of age or gender. We recommend that you bring with you a swimsuit in case you'd like to visit the lounge downstairs without having to get dressed. You can, if you wish, go to the sauna completely nude – although you have a good view from the sauna, others cannot see what’s inside. 

At Surf House Helsinki we only have a single dress code: summer. You can leave your outerwear and valuables in the cloakroom or a locked closet, so you won’t have to worry about losing your watch, jewelry or wallet. We have everything you need during your evening so all you have to is to arrive here! In case you have special requests regarding your evening, we ask you to call us in advance, so we can make your night unforgettable!

Summer is just around the corner

Fast forward to summer easily by public transportation or car.

Mall of Tripla, Floor P4
Pasilantie 1, Helsinki

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Fast forward to summer easily by public transportation or car.

Visiting address:
Mall of Tripla, floor P4 (Down Under)
Firdonkatu 2B, 00520 Helsinki, Finland

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Mall of Tripla, M-P6-12
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