For some it is the last moment as a free bird, for others, it’s one of the most expected days of their lives. A
bachelor party is one of the most exciting and anticipated events. Before getting married, many wish to
spend an unforgettable day with their friends.

Girls Party

A bachelor party at Surf House Helsinki – have fun in tropic before jumping into marriage

Are You throwing a bachelor party for yourself or one of your friends? In Surf House Helsinki you don’t have to worry whether it’s raining or shining since the weather here is always good!

What would be a funnier activity at a bachelor party than a shared activity and laughing together? At the end of the day, every participant has tried surfing more or less successfully. The team at Surf House Helsinki is there to guide new indoor surfers! Our team is composed of both international and domestic pros of the sport.

For the bride

Getting married must be exciting. That’s why Surf House Helsinki wishes to give you a few tips for the waves:

  1. Start by lying on the board on your stomach. Even though your fiancé might not like it, let the instructor guide you into the right position!
  2. Once you get the hang of it, sign the instructor you’re ready to get on your knees on the board. This will make the photos of the unforgettable day even more unforgettable!
  3. If you can handle it and your waist is flexible, let the instructor guide you to a kneeling position. Half crouched and half kneeling will produce bigger splashes. Bring it on!

For the groom

Getting married must be exciting. That’s why Surf House Helsinki wishes to give you a few tips for the waves:

  1. First, hop on the board with a rope! As you’re laughing at your friends’performances, keep in mind that the start is always rough!
  2. Once you get the hang of the board, move your weight back to front on the board.
  3. Remember to shout “hep” as you’re ready to let go of the rope.
  4. If at first you don’t succeed, then try and try again!
Beach Party Helsinki

stop stressing - head to Surf House

Lamentably a bachelor party can be stressful to organize: getting the participants together, budgeting and choosing the time can prove to be overwhelming. Are you looking for ideas for a bachelor party in Helsinki Surf House Helsinki is an excellent place for a bachelor party!

And you don’t have to travel far because Surf House Helsinki is easily reachable in shopping center Tripla in Pasila.

Food and drink service can be ordered before the event or during it. Should everyone in your group not be interested in the splashes of our FlowRider wave machine, it’s possible to go to the sauna, watch the surfing and enjoy the delicacies of our restaurant. Our team ensures the whole party group has enough to do and eat.

Indoor Surfing Bachelor Party

Let us help you organize the bachelor party

In addition to helping you with the FlowRider, the team at Surf House Helsinki will make sure the bachelor party is a success!

We can fit even a large group of party-goers and there are plenty of activities for those not interested in surfing. In addition to guiding you in the surfing, we also have a beach club, perhaps the most interesting sauna in Helsinki, a bar and a restaurant. There’s something for everyone!

A sport fit for all kinds of party-goers

We Finns like to invest in a special bachelor party. That’s why Surf House Helsinki welcomes all kinds of bachelor party groups to try the FlowRider and indoor surfing!

Indoor surfing fits everyone, as long you have the enthusiasm to try a new sport! You don’t even have to know how to swim since the pool isn’t deep. The most important is the passion to learn and try something new! No other skills are needed.

Why indoor surfing?

Indoor surfing is a lot like it’s cousin, surfing. Unlike surfing in natural water with a large surfboard, one of the best things about indoor surfing is how easy it is. The FlowRider guarantees the ride of a lifetime, whether you’re the star of the bachelor party or just a party-goer.

Indoor surfing guaranteed all other bachelor party activities are close by! And even if you¨re not interested in surfing, the cozy milieu ensured the comfort of everyone! And on top of all, you don’t have to travel across the globe for this, the surfing is now located here in Helsinki!

Our location

Surf House Helsinki is located in the brand new shopping center Tripla in Pasila. Our location is excellent for those favoring public transportation.

We offer an unforgettable bachelor party for the star of the show as well as their friends! Even though you're not into indoor surfing, the laid-back environment and tropically inspired drinks at the beach club ensure the fun goes on even outside the FlowRider!

Summer is just around the corner

Fast forward to summer easily by public transportation or car.

Mall of Tripla, Floor P4
Pasilantie 1, Helsinki

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Fast forward to summer easily by public transportation or car.

Visiting address:
Mall of Tripla, floor P4 (Down Under)
Firdonkatu 2B, 00520 Helsinki, Finland

Postal address:
Mall of Tripla, M-P6-12
Firdonkatu 2B, 00520 Helsinki, Finland